February 2009
Happy Nappy

Valentine's Special

Welcome to the Valentine's special at Happy Nappy on the 9th February. This is the first of our fundraising events which will raise money towards our summer outing. There will be a special activity for which you will be asked to pay if you wish your child to participate. We will be making cards for your loved ones, in future events it may be biscuit icing or creating decorations.

Contacting You

We have put the contact details you provided into a spread sheet and over the next few weeks we would ask you to check they are correct in case we need to contact you. If you could provide an email address we will email you future newsletters which should mean you don't miss out if you are away and we will save paper. Please let us know whether you prefer to pick up a paper copy of our newsletters or if you†would rather be emailed.


We would like to do some advertising to ensure Happy Nappy continues to pick up new members. We would like to include some photos as it will enhance people's understanding of what goes on here. For this reason we are asking all our members to sign a consent form saying if they mind photos of their child being used. The forms are on the signing in desk.

Questionnaire Results

Thank you all for completing our questionnaire. Hopefully it will help us shape the future of Happy Nappy. The things you thought were most important (in order), having a wide range of toys, singing and parties and of the new ideas story time and having a baby clinic appealed most so we will work on these ideas. For full questionnaire results ask a leader.

Table Top Sales

If you would like to sell your old baby things, out grown clothes and toys at Happy Nappy we hope to have table top sales during one session each month. Please see a leader if you would like to book yourself in, or if you know any other parents (maybe at school) who would be interested please let them know.

Special Events

Monday 9th Feb Valentines special: Wear red or pink and make valentines cards (extra £1 donation).
Monday 30th†March Easter Special: Wear yellow or orange, Easter activities (£1 extra donation)
Email: info@happynappy.org.uk