Sept/Oct 2009
Happy Nappy

September/October 2009

Welcome to the new Happy Nappy term. A special welcome to the new babies Jack, Lila, Poppy and more to come! We have lots of exctiting Mondays planned between now and Christmas so we hope you can join us. We are planning on producing a Newsletter every other month this term so start writing down your dates now and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Pamper Day

The Pamaper Day we organised in the Summer raised £100 so thank you to all of you who came or gave gifts for the raffle.

Moors Valley

TrainWe had a wonderful trip tp Moors Valley at the end of the Summer Term. All the children enjoyed runnning, climbing and exploring in the forest. After our picnic lunch we took a ride on the steam train waving all the way!

Photos - Monday 5th October

This year's photos will be taken by The Lemonade Studio (see They take loads of photos and then you can view a selection of images online and purchase packs of photos starting from 15. Due to the natural way they take photos it will take longer than the previous photographer. We will try and draw up a rough timetable for when your photos will be taken so you won't have to hang around waiting so much.

Haloween/Bonfire Day - Monday 2nd November

Dress up in bright colours or haloween costumes, there will be a number of themed activities to join in with as well as the normal toys.