Oct 2011
Happy Nappy

October 2011

With a very belated welcome back from the summer break, hello all you lovely Mummies, Daddies and little ones!

It is with great pleasure that I have to thank you all once again for your support at the Summer Fayre as due to Happy Nappy's contribution The Community Fund have rewarded us with 500 which is fantastic. It will help us to cover all our running costs and purchase the arts and crafts equipment we are needing. We are truly grateful to all involved.

You may have heard me mention after singing time that Sarah has put forward to the Parish Council that perhaps we could have some more suitable play equipment in the park above the Village Hall for toddlers. They have asked for any suggestions or opinions on this. So any ideas, please let Sarah know.


Just a warning that on photographer day 7th November he will work as fast as he can, but as we learnt last year these things can over run, so your time slot may be approximate. But please do take the opportunity to have photos done whilst Happy Nappy as it is so easy not having to go anywhere special and they will make brilliant Christmas presents.

Leader news

As you may be aware Sarah is expecting a baby in February and I am due major surgery in November as we are really looking for a new team of leaders to take on our roles. We will always help in every way we can, but due to circumstances we really can't commit to running our lovely baby group for too much longer.

So if a group of you would be willing to take over please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. The more leaders the less often each person would have to be there. We truly appreciate all of you lovely Mums that help us out so very much already.

Happy Nappy has been running got over 25years so it would be such a shame for it to finish.

Many thanks for all your support, Katie & Sarah
Email: info@happynappy.org.uk