Wedding   Wedding Montage
12/09/02 Photos by Don Tomlinson - include walking to church shots
12/09/02 Photos by Irena Wasilewska - include outside church and reception
13/09/02 Photos by Candice Marcus - include outside church photos
18/09/02 Photos by Val Franklin - include walking out of church and a fly away veil
18/09/02 Photos by Pauline Alvis - include parents, brothers, grandparents, bubbles, cake
18/09/02 Photos by Ian Haskett - include before church, at church, at the grange
19/09/02 Photos by Geoff Allen - include camerata and reception photos
26/09/02 Photos by Stew Ponsford (ish) - include the men and reception photos
26/09/02 Photos by Nick Presdee - include the aisle, bubbles & camerata
09/10/02 Photos by Tim Dawson - The aisle from the tower
05/11/02 Photos by Justin Orwin & Kirsten Cooke - Family, bubbles, ham hill... more to come

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